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7 Tips for Great Storytelling

In 1748, the British politician and aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, spent a lot of his free time playing cards. He...
4 min read

How to Create a Logo Design

A logo is the key symbol of the brand in the consumer’s mind. It is very important to know how to design a logo....
2 min read

How to Change the World for the Better or Our Utopian Future with Blockchain

A brave new world, thanks to sensor technology and many others! Every movement is monitored. You can walk around inside the house without ever...
4 min read

How to Build a Dream Team for Your Startup

Startup sounds inspiring from the very beginning. When you hear this magic word you might already imagine how it changes the world for the...
4 min read

What is a Minimum Viable Product and How to Build an MVP for Your Startup

MVP meaning Circumstances might be different for you, but you see, time goes against you. When someone has already gained success, you’re just thinking...
3 min read

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Mobile Application for Your Business?

The app development cost is what everybody is interested in—from a beginner to an experienced businessman. Why is there so much fuss about it?...
8 min read

Top 10 Startups for Your Inspiration

If you are reading it now, then you are among those who think about your own idea. Right? Objections are not to be taken!...
5 min read

Top 10 Design Trends in 2017

Given that we are a company that develops advanced digital products, we need to keep up with trends in design to meet the needs of...
4 min read

How to Find Great Blockchain Developers?

Talented blockchain developers are a little like diamonds: they’re hard to find and expensive to get. What if you have your own business idea...
7 min read